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Dehydroepiandrosterone (pronounced dee-hi-dro-ep-i-an-dro-stair-own), or more commonly called DHEA, is the most abundant steroid found in the human blood stream. DHEA exhibits an amazingly wide diversity of beneficial uses and has been reported to have anti-diabetic, anti- dementia, anti-obesity, anti-carcinogenic, anti-stress, immune-enhancing, anti-viral and anti-bacterial, anti-aging and anti-heart disease effects.

Research has shown that DHEA:

– Is a hormone regulator (it helps regulate the thyroid & pituitary glands, and enhances thymus gland function)
– Decreases cholesterol
– Stimulates the production of human growth hormone
– Boosts immunity by stimulating killer cell activity
– Increases the sensitivity of cells to insulin
– Assists in returning the body to a balanced state after a stress reaction
– Improves cognitive function, bone formation and libido
– Enhances mood by increasing the brain’s serotonin levels